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Please White-list JCAHOfun and GiggleMed to Ensure that You Don’t Miss a Thing

Unsolicited, unwanted advertising e-mail, commonly known as "spam", has become a big problem. It’s reached such proportions that most e-mail services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have put blocking and filtering systems to keep these messages out. The systems work… but sometimes they work too well, blocking messages that you have elected to receive from reputable senders.

The format and language in JCAHOfun email sometimes causes it to be filtered out as spam, even though we never send unsolicited email. In most cases the intended recipient of the email is not notified (and neither are we) that the message did not get through.

But there is something you can do to keep JCAHOfun email from falling into the false positive trap. The solution is to "white-list" JCAHOfun before your delivery is interrupted.

Of course, every e-mail system is different. Below are instructions for some of the more popular ones. If yours isn’t here, please contact your ISP’s customer service department for their instructions.

One vital thing you can do that helps no matter what e-mail system you’re using is this: add the address in the "From" line of your most recent JCAHOfun message to your address book.

To find instructions for your e-mail provider or software, use this handy menu click on "Read More"